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Pratik Gandhi - Actor (Scam 1992)

An actor is only as good as the script he gets. When I started to get films, I found that the script and the right industry expert can make a world of a difference. With platforms like Script Pitchers it is so easy to connect creators with experts and support the film fraternity in India. If you are a writer or producer, you should be on Script Pitchers right now to make your dreams come true.

Neeraj Sood - Actor

When I started my struggle, writers and actors had to go with the script and portfolio personally and try to pitch to producers and directors. But thanks to technology and new ventures like Script Pitchers, today writers don’t have to struggle to reach directors or producers. A writer in Bihar or Madhya Pradesh couldn't access producers in Mumbai but now they can, thanks to Script Pitchers.

Shiraz Ahmad - Writer

The script is often called as the thing that breathes life into the film. Even today, there are so many stories around us that can touch our hearts and souls if given the chance. It was impossible for these stories to reach the screens. But not anymore. Script Pitchers is turning the impossible into possible by giving writers in any city or any corner of the world a chance to connect to industry experts and producers. In just 5 minutes, you can upload your story and it will be available for industry experts to read and purchase. The biggest and brightest names in Bollywood could be turning your script into a film. So what are you waiting for, sign up right now!

Hemant Kher - Writer

There are many stories of many writers which goes unnoticed because of lack opportunities to put across his/her work! But now, in the form Script Pitchers writers have great platform to reach out to makers/producers. This is the link that was missing since many many years ! I am so happy and eager to use Script Pitchers!!!

Cynara Rebello - Producer(10 Films)

As a producer, when I heard about Script Pitchers, I knew it was just what we were looking for. It is the need of the hour because producers struggle to find the right kind of scripts and with Script Pitchers we found a variety of options and ideas that we would normally not have had access to.

Shikha Pandey - Writer

When I joined the film industry in 2010, I struggled to get access to producers and industry experts. I had no idea bout trademarks, networking, or even pitching to directors and producers. Most meetings turned fruitless as my idea was exciting but I didn’t have a full script or the connections to an industry expert. If something as brilliant as Script Pitchers had existed, I wouldn’t have needed to wait nearly 5 years before getting a chance as a script writer. Their amazing team has connected writers to the best creative minds and industry experts, acting as a seamless bridge and support for everybody involved. This is a resource every writer needs right now!




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